Adblock — a new component for hunting on the ads blockers in Metro 4

Hello, my friends! In version 4.3.7 I'm added new component Adblocker. This component is intended for hunting/fishing for ad blockers. Setup The component works automatically. To configure it, you can create a settings object names metroAdblockSetup and put it before Metro 4 js file: <script> var metroAdblockSetup = { checkInterval: 5000, fireOnce: 3, onBite: function(){... » read more

Codelobster IDE — Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor

In this article, we suggest you to get acquainted with the free editor of web languages - Codelobster IDE. It is presented on the software market for a long time already, and it wins a lot of fans. Codelobster IDE allows you to edit PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, it highlights the syntax and... » read more